the golden daughter, watch her rise
I am Princess Thor of Asgard. Goddess of Thunder. Avenger of the Nine Realms.

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Oh gosh, of course! Laerke will definitely be added :)

People I’m going to add to Thor’s relationships page over the weekend






If you think our muses have a good relationship and that your muse should also be added, let me know! 

Wake up, friend.
       The sun has risen, let us go adventuring!❞

I’m the b e s t at what I do. 

                 And what I do isn’t very p r e t t y


That moment when you can feel your muse is really in love with another one.

It’s not you loving the other mun.

It’s not even you loving the other muse.

It’s the character you portray, that screams inside your head that yes, that is the person he loves and wants to stay with.

And you get all the feelings, good and bad ones… and it’s amazing.


Steve glanced over at Thor. “Guess I need to check what I put on my list.”


A smile emerged on her lips in reply, “It’s not too bad, I suppose. Are you enjoying it?”



      “      One more step
                    I dare you.”

"You dare threaten the Mighty Thor?"

This is basically their entire relationship.